Maple Shade Castelum: They don't give all the information in this article needed to calculate an approximate gravitational force.

....but I have the best post of all time!!! ALL TIME!! cough Ahem..well maybe not. But you clicked on my link, so let's see if I'm 'up your alley'. pause Ok, here's the basics. I'm 29, AfricanAmerican, single, no kids, no drama, I'm NOT skinny, but I only have one chin. You can call me a BBW if you want to, but ehh, it sounds too much like BMW, and while I consider myself to be the 'Ultimate Driving and Riding..heh heh Experience', I'm certainly not as big as a car. shrug Still here? Well, pat yourself on the back. No seriously...try it. While you're working on that, let's continue. I'm pretty laid back, it takes a lot to piss me off and I don't cause scenes. Arguments and screaming matches accomplish nothing and while i WILL get my point across, I know how to do so without turning into that chick from the Exorcist. You're welcome. Moving on, I'm definitely girly and do the typical girl things, like shopping, and getting my nails done, I can cook, I love romance...blah blah blah. Also I don't like bugs. Yes, that was random, but hey, CRAIGSLIST is random. Hmm...what else? I love horror movies more than anything else, with comedy coming in at a close second. I drink on occasion, and while I probably can't drink you under a table, I can sit at the table and drink with you! Drinking games anyone? Ok...a raincheck on that.. I also smoke..weed only, no cigs yeah yeah..i know and since it hasn't affected my professional life, I see no reason in stopping. It is what it is, and you'll find that I'm ALWAYS honest. After all, smoking weed and lying takes up wayyyy too much brainpower and it's a buzzkill. I'm sarcastic introducing..Captain Obvious!!, I have a good sense of humor, and if you're still reading this,'re at least a little awesome. golf claps p.S. i WOULD say I like long walks on the beach.........but all we have is Lake Norman, and I'll be damned if I try to circumnavigate spelled it right on the 1st try..hell yeah!! that thing. Oh, and if you wa

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